Friday, May 30, 2008

Kinda Tired

Had a great day on Monday with the old man and my brother. We rented a boat and just cruised around Lake Travis. It was lots of fun having him down here for the five short days he was here. Also caught up with some former Kona residents, The Gaertners (Scott, Wendy and Riely) while he was down. Great folks. Scott is probably the most extreme person I know.

Training has been pretty hard the past few days and I'm looking forward to Monday so I can throw some PM medication down the hatch and get some sleep.

Tuesday- track workout of 5x1600 below 5:20 pace with Marsh. It was so bloody windy at the track and made our 5:20s feel like 4:40s. We would hit the first 200m in 37-38 seconds and the remaining 200m in 42! It was like running into a wall. We were both very happy to hit and finish number five. Scary thing is we completed the set! Wondering what is to come. Finished the day off with a 4000m swim.

Wednesday-3hrs on the bike with some VO2 intervals. Very hilly ride in 95+ degrees. Finished the day off with a 3000m swim.

Thursday- 7x3min of VO2 intervals and then straight into a 2.5 hr ride in bloody hot conditions. Went to the pool and banged out 3grand and dropped my 200m average time down by 2 seconds.

Friday- running trails for 2x3 miles at tempo and nailed them both.

I'm now off for a power nap and then it will be to the pool for a hard 3,500m swim.


Barrett Brandon said...

Ohhhhh. It is so cute you guys are in matching outfits and hats! J/K man, good to see that training is going well and best of luck in the season. Hopefully Ill run into you later on.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering what kind of watts to you push for your vo2max intervals?

James and Lindsay Cotter said...
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