Monday, May 5, 2008

Wildflower Report

12th Overall
Swim: 22:17
Bike: 2:26:28
Run: 1:20:24

Wildflower has come and gone and I sit at my computer writing this still very upset and disappointed with my race. I feel I was capable of placing in the top 10 and ended up finishing 12th overall.

I arrived at Lake San Antonio on Friday afternoon after doubting I would even arrive. I discovered my drivers license had expired which meant no rental car for James.
Something to remember #1 Make sure all forms of ID are current!
I ended up talking with John, from Phoenix, who was heading up to the race as well. I told my story to John and he offered me a ride up which I took up straight away. Turns out John is on the board of the Phoenix Tri Club and they had a camper down in the transition area! The guys from Phoenix Tri were fantastic! Thank you John, Scott, Jim, and everyone else who made me feel welcome and gave me a place to lay my head to rest.

Race morning came very fast and I was ready for the hurt as the field was stacked! McCormack, Lieto, Anderson, Bozzone, Leigh, McKenzie, etc. I had a horrible first 300meters in the swim and found myself at the back of the second pack! I was having none of that and swung wide and put the hammer down. I ended up catching the first back shortly after the turn around and settled in to the finish. My first goal of the race was complete. Swimming with the front back.

I jumped on the bike and was feeling good. I was in company with Leon Griffen, Ben Hoffman, McKenzie all the way up until mile 30 and then my legs said, "hey James! I think we are going to call it a day!". I figure my body was not use to my TT position as I had been riding my road for 95% of my training.
Something to remember #2: Ride your TT 100% of time 2-3 weeks out from race!
So I rode as hard as i could back into T2 so I could get my feet in contact with the ground because I was pissed and wanted to run off some frustration. I jumped off the bike and put on the new K-Swiss shoes I received the other night, and man! Yes, they are helping me out, but you have to try these shoes as they are so NICE. First run in them was a half Ironman with no socks and I had no blisters, no blood, and no hot spots. I will post some pics soon of the shoes.
I ran solid and clawed my way up a few positions but it was still not enough to make top 10. I will be back next year though for sure to place where I felt I should have. The course was fantastic! I love dirt trail roads and there is a lot of this on the course. Brutal uphills and brutal downhills.
Also met some great people during the race. Luke McKenzie and Amanda Balding, David Thompson, and Chris T. Wildflower is a race you HAVE to compete in if you're a triathlete.
Have the rookie this Saturday, maybe Memphis in May, then Cap Tex.


rr said...

Hey J-Mo.. Man, bridging the gap to the lead pack of swimmers.. that's crazy! I'm sorry your bike was a little off, but 12th in that field is none too shabby. Killer run. Congrats from an Oahu blogstalker :)~ rachel

James Cotter said...

I will take an Oahu blogstalker anyday!
Thanks for the message.
What is next for you?

Anonymous said...


Congrats on a great race? I was woundering what kind of watts a pro like yourself pushes on the bike for a half ironman race? Good luck on the rest of your races this year

Bruce Stewart said...

The race was not a phenomenal success like Bree's down at St. Croix (which the whole Hawaii triathlon community followed live on an Internet radio broadcast), but at least solid and good training. One of these days (or coming races) it should all come together. Best, Bruce

BreeWee said...

AWESOME that you got some shoe support that works! Seriously you are in GREAT run shape this season, I am so stoked for you!

Way to go at Wild Flower too!
You are amazing & hugs to Linsey!

LeAnn said...

For LC:

Hi, I found you on Brees blog and tried you healthy mexican dish that james really was good. Are you planning to post any more recipes soon???


James Cotter said...

Leann. I sure will! Look for one coming up by monday. glad you enjoyed the dish! congrats on your swim meet in Austin!