Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a good grain!

Okay so for the longest time I avoided Buckwheat because I thought it was a wheat grain that I had somewhat of intolerance to. There are many people that think buckwheat is a cereal grain, but turns out its actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and it is a suitable substitute grain for people who are sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain protein glutens. To see all the goodness that is packed in this grain, check out That being said, I tried this new brand of organic buckwheat noodles called Ohana noodles that are fully cooked and easy to throw in a stir fry, etc.

I used these noodles and threw in the following.
1. chunks of cherry tomatoes and broccolini (baby broccoli)
2. Garlic and Pepper seasoning
3. Central Market Satay Ginger soy marinade
4. Tiny bit of cayenne pepper for James' spicy taste buds! (this is optional)
5. Salt to taste
6. Lean steak strips or shrimp/Chicken.
7. Olive oil for cooking meat and veggies.

In a medium skillet, throw in in chunks of cherry tomatoes and broccolini, olive oil, and seasoning. Cook till veggies are done. In another bowl, throw in the marinade with the diced chicken ,steak, or shrimp. Let that sit for bit then cook to your liking. Then, all you have to do with the noodles is heat them in the microwave for 3 minutes or so. Finally, throw all the ingredients together in a large serving bowl and toss. Lots of good veggies here and its tasty and super easy! I love this new brand of noodles!

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