Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Pizza Recipe

I call this one the Greek Goddess!

Very simple and very healthy and delicious!

One pizza crust unbaked- we use Gluten Free Kneads pizza crust (local austin brand)
1 small can of organic tomato paste
10oz. basil and oregano diced tomatoes (drained)
2-3 sliced Spinach and Feta chicken sausage links (see picture above). You can buy them at bulk in Costco.
1 cup sliced zucchini
Greek Seasoning (Cavendar's makes a good brand)

1/2 cup to 1 cup Parmesan Cheese- shredded (we use the goat cheese kinds from HEB because its lower lactose).

First pre-bake pizza crust as directed (usually 5-7 minutes on 475). Then let it cool a little. Spread some olive oil, tomato paste and oregano seasoning on base. Then add zucchini. Make sure you steam the zucchini half way so its not raw before you bake it on your pizza. Then add the seasoned diced tomatoes and sliced chicken sausage. Add half the amount of cheese. Bake for 7 minutes on 475 then take out of over and add rest of desired cheese. Put back in oven and broil on 500 or 510 for another 3-4 minutes or until crust and cheese are golden and browned. Cool and Enjoy!
We like to add black pepper to ours and of course James adds Tabasco on everything so he'll drizzle that on for another kick of flavor. This recipe has loads of fiber, vitamin C and A, calcium, and lean protein. The Spinach and Feta sausage has only 100calories per link and 8-10 grams of lean protein. The sausage is all natural, free of preservatives and nitrates, and of course Gluten Free! Can't beat that, especially for their flavor.


NEW RIDE and things

My new Trek TTX arrived the other day.

I will admitt that I was a little bummed to be off the P3C because that was my dream bike. However, the TTX was far beyond what I was expecting. I lurk on a site called slowtwitch every once and a while. Cervelo is holy on this site and the bikes are hyped up so much that i started to believe everything else was not up to par. I was very wrong. The TTX has blown me away. Great ride. Went to Source Endurace to get a fit on the Retuel. My position was changed big time. My saddle was too high and i was too far back. My crank length need to be changed also. Went out on first ride after fit and it was very nice. Very comfortable also. If your looking for a good bike fit, head to source endurance or where ever you can find a retuel.

Training has been coming along pretty well. I joined a new swim squad, Nitro, as solo swimming just does not cut it anymore. I need a group to call me out everytime I start slacking. The one negative is that i have to wake up at 4:45am and be out of the house at 4:55 to make it to practice! I get in the yards and am seeing a steady progression in my swimming (I need it to stay with Mr. Marsh). I'm dead tired later on, but it knocks out the first of three training sessions very early in the day.

Have a race this weekend here in Austin that should be a good one. Held down at the old dilloman course at Pace Bend Park. I went to check the course out Wednesday and it looked nothing like it did back in 2005. Water level is VERY low and the run into T1 will be very long if the course is similair to dilloman. So if you have an off swim, run hard to to T1 and you will make up ground. Looked to me like a 400-600m run. The field was pretty small until USAT sent out a mass email. I know there are some very strong boys coming to play. The wife will hopefully be taking some pics so stay tuned.

Have a good weekend!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Self assemble- not again!

Self Assemble, oh how I hate those 2 words. Self assemble + tiredness + stupid manuals= FRUSTRATION.
There is a reason I was never an engineer or a MAN for that fact. I hate putting things together, unless its food for making dinner. I hate reading directions (even recipes, thats why I end up creating my own) and even more I hate little screws and small pieces that are used to assemble anything and everything from IKEA, Target, etc. We have one more piece of furniture to put together and my poor husband has hurt back 2x assembling things and because he has 2 races these next 2 weekends, I don't want him to do anything but train, eat, and sleep. Guess I'll be yelling at the directions tonight and making a mess of all the plastic wrap and Styrofoam. In the meantime, here are a few pics of the trails by our place in Steiner. Love it!
Look, Sadie even blends in with the trees. :)


Next up I'll post a recipe for a really good Greek Pizza!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bare Essential

A post is promised sometime this week. Moving is a pain. No Internet or TV for now but we keep our self busy of course. Currently at starbucks "working" and blogging.
Quick note for now, life is good. Our new Steiner ranch condo is fun and very simple. Don't even think we will get a TV. I know, crazy talk! Hope everyone had a great EASTER.

The Cotters

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Since we've been gone for over 2 months, coming home felt like moving again. So much to unpack. Funny thing is we are moving, this week in fact, into a new condo. Why did I decide this would be a good idea? Not sure, but lets just call it my spring cleaning, major spring cleaning! Anyway, we hit up of favorite Austin spots as soon as we got back. First on the list was seeing my niece and nephew. My niece turned 3 years old while we were gone. We had a lot of spoiling and catching up to do! Uncle James thought she looked old enough to drive the truck, well sorta.

(Not sure what the tongue thing is)

Second on the list was definitely a visit to our favorite Mexican joint. MAUDIES MILARGO! YUM! Fajitas, chips and salsa, Corona! James usually devours his plate here in record time, this is after eating the whole basket of tortilla chips. This boy loves his MEXICAN FOOD. :)

Sorry for the long delay on blogging. I needed a little sabbatical from the ol' computer.


The orange beast (a.k.a TREK) arrived last wednesday, pics will be following shortly.