Friday, August 28, 2009

September is just around the corner!!

Be on the lookout for Healthy Bites Flavor of the month (kinda like the jelly belly club, haha!). Next month we will feature a Breakfast Bite. Its wheat/nut free. This bite is perfect for people or toddlers with nut/dairy allergies. And they've been approved by 2 year olds AND not so 2 year olds like our husbands and friends(although they make act like it at times)!

Grab, Nosh, and NOURISH!!

Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, Honey Kix, dried plums, organic coconut milk powder, organic flaxseed grounds, Texas honey, cinnamon.

1.66g FAT (0.5g saturated fat)
16.58mg SODIUM
11.60g CARBS
1.35g FIBER
4.6g SUGAR

Email us if your interested!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

A night out to Celebrate

Yes the Cotters can still have a good time, no matter how tired we are! We had a blast this past weekend celebrating Juliette and Zachary Dell's b'nai mitzvah. Thanks for inviting us, you two did great!!

JC and LC


my blond skills didn't let me publish the photos too well. Just click if you want a close up, haha!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Get 'em while they're hot!


Hey everyone! I am posting a new food for you to check out! Kelly Bruneman (friend and fellow nutrition manager) and I have put our heads together and created a tasty little snack called Healthy Bites. These little bites are good for kid's snacks, pre workout fuel, post workout recovery or just for yummy healthy munching! We have 4 ready-made flavors (see below) and we will also custom make anything you want!

Ready Made Flavors:

Apple Cinnamon - good for pre-fueling
Whey Protein - good for recovery
Apricot Fig - good for the gut!
Cookie Dough- good for people with gluten/lactose allergies and just GOOD!!

All of our bites have been tested on our husbands and given the seal of approval! The info below will give you ingredients, allergen and nutritional information, as well as photos and pricing.

Let me know if you want to Nosh and Nourish!!

Whey Good-
All Natural Vanilla Whey protein powder (sweetened with Stevia), organic almond butter, raw almonds, dried banana, and organic wild honey.
Nutrition (per bite):
90.0 CALORIES; 4.96g FAT (0.3g saturated fat); 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 3.3mg SODIUM; 8.56g CARBOHYDRATES; 0.59g FIBER; 6.34g SUGAR; 5.02g PROTEIN
*NOTE- we can use more protein powder if preferred which will alter nutritional information.

Apricot Fig
Organic dried figs, organic dried apricots, organic pecans, and organic unsweetened dried coconut flakes.
Nutrition (per bite):
66.0 CALORIES; 2.1g FAT; (0.9g saturated fat); 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 0.45mg SODIUM; 11.6g CARBOHYDRATES; 2.1g FIBER; 8.9g SUGAR; 0.65g PROTEIN

Apple Cinnamon Bites
Dried apple, organic almonds, organic peanut butter, organic flaxseed grounds, Texas honey, and cinnamon.
Nutrition Info per ball:
104 CALORIES; 6.18g FAT (0.52g saturated fat); 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 22.88mg SODIUM; 11.g CARBOHYDRATES; 2g FIBER; 7.8g SUGAR; 3.5g PROTEIN

Cookie Dough Bites
Ingredients- :
Organic natural peanut butter, gluten-free chocolate chips, dried goats milk powder (lower lactose), organic honey, and raw almonds.
Nutrition (per bite):
79.32 CALORIES; 4.2g FAT (1.53g saturated fat); 2.68mg CHOLESTEROL; 10.36mg SODIUM; 9.23g CARBOHYDRATES; 0.48g FIBER; 8.29g SUGAR; 1.79g PROTEIN

Custom Bites
Give us your favorite 3 ingredients and we’ll custom make your “healthy bite.”

$6.99 per box of one dozen
*NOTE* Variety pack also available (choose any flavor combo)

Please email Kelly or Lindsay at or

Need 3 day advance notice before pickup or deliveries can be complete- THANKS!!!!