Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Solid Day

Today was my first day back really since Wildflower! Since i was racing a sprint a week later I kept training very light since my knee's were still pretty sore from the half marathon. Then the fall last weekend kept me out of action because of the swelling. So I came back today, TORTURE TUESDAY!!!!!

Swimming has been coming along at a steady rate. I set a base time for all sets of 1:20 because that gives me just enough time at the wall to recover. In the past I would be holding 1:17 for my 100s and now I have it down to 1:12s so I have been pretty happy. Todays set:

w/u: 500s200k300p
set1: 5x200
Set2: 12x75 odd easy, even 25 no breath, 25 all out, 25 breath every 5
set3: 5x100
w/d: 500ez

x4 (bike 10min at LT, mile run)

Held onto 5:20 miles with a nasty hill in the mix going out. It really hurt. Just the entire set really hurt because the body was pretty stale. With big races coming up I have to hardin' up to get the power and leg turn-over to a hight standard.

I received a nasty look after my bike/run today because I left my workout gear drenched on our bathroom floor. My wife had my gear in her hands while she scoulded me. I got the last laugh though because she thought I had jumped in the shower with my clothes to rinse off and thats why they were wet....oh but I hadn't :) They were definitely all sweaty from my workout. I don't call it torture tuesday for a reason. She immediately dropped them yelling "GROSSE"!

If you're not hurting, you're not performing.

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