Monday, February 25, 2008

Nice week

Had a nice weekend catching up with the Taylor family in Dallas and it also served as some good R&R for sure. I love escaping Austin and life for a few days every once in a while as it is a very freeing experience.

Training went very well last week and I am happy with the progression. My running is coming along at a rate I am very happy about. Was on the track the other day for a total of 7.5km and was at sub 5 minute miles for too long! I did not enjoy the run home from the track! Once I got back to the pad with my ice cold R4 in my hand I was very happy. Now all I need to do is start bringing my swim volume up and really focus on some race pace work. Sounds specific eh, yes, I can confirm my entry into the Lavaman triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on April 6th! I cannot wait for this race! I had some success here back in 2003 and have not been back since to compete. Also, it will be nice reunion with my wife as I will have not seen her for a month. She is assistant race director for lavaman and is departing for Hawaii in a week.

Hope all had a nice weekend! Talk soon.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Track work: Love/Hate Relationship

Just like Bree Wee wrote, If you can't do it in training, how the hell are you going to do it in a race?

The past couple of seasons I have not put in track time and my results have clearly shown this. I keep typing all the time about how I have time to train more this year and you might be sick of it, but I tell you what, I can't be any happier that I am able to get very specific as of this point. Yesterday I went down my local track for the following set:

20 min w/u
6 x 200 m on 1 minutes holding 32sec
4 x 1000m on 3:05 with 200 recovery
4 x 200m same as above
= 6,000 meters

Now this really hurt as there was a nasty gust of wind that just killed me on the straight away. Yes, I did have the advantage downwind, but having the burn from upwind was horrible. I finished the set and was very pleased with the work I have done to get me to this point. I really love the pain associated with track work and busting out the ugly face now so I don't have to reveal it to the public during races. Next week the set gets longer and I can't wait for it, but then I wish I could skip the day entirely.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Training Partner w/pics

I do consider myself a total loner when it comes to training. Even with swimming now! I do admit it is very hard to bang out 3,000 meters plus when going solo, but there is never anyone slowing you down or pushing you too hard when you need to be relaxing. I like to scroll through previous race results to find out the average splits of winners and make them my target. I do however have about four or five people I love to train with, but they are all back in my previous home of Hawaii.
Matt and Chad Seymour, Tim Marr..much love.

Sadie is my new training partner's name and she is my new dog by the way of marriage. She is chocolate lab/blue lacy and is a beautiful dog. The first time I ran her she was useless! It only took her a few session to get on pace and know I can't drop her. Here is to my training partner.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trainer Ride W/ DJ William Scott


Yesterday was the cooliest trainer ride ever. DJ William Scott tore it up.
the set was..... x3(ride 40 min @240 watts/run 3miles at 6:10 pace)

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Today will probably be the coolest training day I have ever had. DJ William Scott will be playing live in my garage while I ride for three hours! How many of you can say you have had your own personal DJ spinning records during your session in the garage? HAHA. I will post pics later on tonight when our session is done.