Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Post Long Run Pancakes!

Okay this is not me, but maybe some day I'll be a Mama Rose with her famous pancake! Here's how my nutritous pancakes came about........

I love Sunday mornings! James and I thoroughly enjoy them. We sleep in (well I can't sleep in past 7:30am) but then we train, eat, take the dog the lake or something like that, go to COSTCO (all the samples- heck ya!), and then its off to the evening service church grabbing a bite at whole foods afterwards. Well, yesterday morning I woke up too early (for Sunday at least) and decided that since James had a long run, I would take the dog to the greenbelt for a little jog myself. I didn't last too long as it was soo HOT outside so instead I opted for an active recovery day. Good news for James because when I returned home I had the urge to make pancakes, from scratch. What an attempt! One batch was oatmeal with dried cranberries and the other was oatmeal cinnamon banana. Both batches had a little flaxseed in them as well and we used a raw agave nectar as the syrup on top. Agave nectar is 42%sweeter than white sugar but has the same caloric value and a low glycemic index, "a measurement of the relative ability of a carbohydrate to raise blood glucose levels." It can be switched out in equal parts for honey in most recipes. Here's why it's better: Agave nectar is metabolized more slowly and is less likely to cause dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar.
But anywho..... I think the best thing about this particular Sunday was the smell of the house when you walked in the door after a nice long run....yes, the smell of pancakes filled our house all day. Gotta love it! If you're itching to know the recipe (super easy) shoot me a comment!


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Randy said...

Hey James and Lindsay, Thanks for sharing your recipes and nutrition tips. My wife and I are new to triathlon and we are finding out that nutrition is such an important part of the sport.

I just completed my first half Ironman (Honu -- Hawaii 70.3) and we used a couple of your recipes during the week before the race. Thanks again and good luck with your races James.

Take care, Randy and Karen