Friday, May 23, 2008

K-Swiss vs. Zoot on the track

Set for today: 5x1600m on the track

Brandon Marsh met me up at Hudson Bend middle school today for this session. We are both Source Endurance athletes and rivals. It was a great set and we nailed it pretty good. All miles were sub far under? Can't tell you all of our secrets :)

Brandon is a Zoot sponsored athlete while I am K-Swiss sponsored. I know when you first think of K-Swiss you think tennis or casual wear. Erase that thought and check out the new running shoes. They really are a nice shoe. I just saw Marsh's post so I will say the same thing. The K-SWISS shoes I have are the nicest shoes I have worn so far.

Tomorrow will be a 1.5hr ride a solid swim. Will be heading down to San Marcos tomorrow to check out a Toyota Tacoma. Might be retiring the old 4Runner.


MarkyV said...

sweet new title pic.

so uh... trading one gas guzzler for another... com'on bro!

Anonymous said...

Sweet workout!

FWIW, I love my Tacoma...

Bruce Stewart said...

Congrats on the Capital of Texas Tri - 3rd place in 1:59 or so! Hope you have a good preparation to escape from Alcatrez.