Thursday, May 22, 2008

You know you need a rest day when.......

You know your in need of a rest day when you actually jealous that your dog gets to be lazy and nap after just running a measly 3 miles on the greenbelt trails. That was my first workout of the day and I'd planned on biking or swimming later on in the day. I got extremely tired and knowing that I needed to catch up on work and life I opted for another 45 minutes at the gym before heading back to reality. Since I'm not the professional athlete in the family, I can do that, ha ha! Still a rest day is in need very very soon. Hmmm... maybe Sunday or monday???? Nah, I think i'll go for a swim!

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BreeWee said...

LOVE the new header photo! You guys are the cutest couple ever, better than "Brangalina"