Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little frustrated, I'm not gonna lie.

After my race last week in California I was not too happy and was looking forward to take out my frustration at "the rookie" triathlon. It was a short race with the swim at 300m, bike 11 miles, and run 2 miles. My run has been coming along especially after hard efforts on the bike, so I was looking forward to the race.

There was an awesome field today with Glauser, Evoe, York, Todd, Jason, and of course...BRANDON and his wife Amy all hitting the start line. So I had convinced my self all week that Brandon would not get me and I would take victory to even out the balance in the W-L section. I could see it every day in my head. I also remember the sting of defeat from our last battle at playtri (please note, Brandon is the man, and I have plenty of respect for him, I just have to make the story interesting).

Start begins well but soon realize that I am way too far to the left. I see Marsh to the far left and try and make my way over to him. Soon as I do I realize his wife is right beside me! Amy can swim fast, very fast and since defeating Brandon was on my mind, I tried as nicely as I could to cut Amy off! Sorry Amy. Found Marsh just after the turn around and we came out of the water 1,2,3. I'm thinking, man here is the play tri race all over again. We hit the bike and we are off flying. I just couldn't get going enough to catch Brandon and it was only a stretch of gravel, that almost took Brandon down, closed the gap on us some. The gap stayed all the way to the end and we also received some company with Patrick Evoe riding up. He had a great ride.

Nail transition, Brandon is not too far and it is time to go! I'm running out with Evoe and try to cut to the inside of him and it happens. No further then 100m down the path after I racked my bike, I took a hard spill. I came down hard on my left knee, army rolled once, and then tried to get up to pursue the chase but it was not happening. The intense pain of coming down hard took over and it took me a good minute to finally shake off the the limp. Now 60 seconds into a two mile race, it would have been impossible to bridge up to Marsh (unless my name was Ryan Hall), so I cruised slowly down and back to finish. Not ideal, but hey, it happens. Had some nice swelling that medical fixed up and then it was back to Austin.

Congrats Brandon and Amy Marsh for taking the wins. Best of luck in Memphis.


BreeWee said...

Bummers! I am glad you didn't break anything... the bloody/bruised knees will heal!
I love that you have some competition with Marsh over there in Texas... BUT I still think you and Amy should move home to Hawaii. Your Marsh battle stories remind me of me and Rachel... gotta love the competition even when it is a friend!

James Cotter said...

dont you mean LINDSAY!!

BreeWee said...

Ooops! Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I swear I was just reading an email from Amy Bennet before I wrote you so my mind was bugging me to respond to Amy's email.
Tell Lins I am so sorry!

rr said...

Oh sweet blonde bree.. ;)~

Hiya Cotter! Sorry bout that Marsh boy, I'm going to have to agree with Wee.. come back to Hawaii and fight Timmy for the wins instead!