Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cap Tex

After a week of brutal training I went into Cap Tex with some heavy legs but was ready for a hard day. With names like Marsh, Galuser, Serrano, McMillian, and some other heavy hitters it was going to be difficult. I would like to give a shout out to Brom from the Austin Statesman who wrote a piece about me before the race. Great article from a great athlete. Brom has thrown down a 2:59 marathon...fast. Thanks again for the great write up Brom!

Swim got off after a long wait in the wetsuit. We must have been hanging out for 10 minutes all packed into a small space in 90 plus degrees. So once the gun went off it was rather refreshing for the first 100m. I started to the left and took off and noticed someone to my left. Any guesses who this fella was? Freakin' Marsh. We were the only two to the left and from our finish times, it looks like the left was best. We were able to put a huge gap on the rest of the field. I will not lie though, Marsh did gap me the last 200m on the swim.

The transition was horrible. I was slow off the mark and Marsh was able to extend the lead he had from the swim heading off onto the bike. I just was not able to get going on the bike and Marsh was doing a great job of pushing the pace on the bike. He was able to ride solo and hold off Serrano and myself.

The run was so humid and lots of people suffered out on the course including myself. I was was getting chased down during the first 5km and had to push hard with what i had left to hold a spot on the podium. It was not until i finally found ice in the course that I was able to cool down and get the legs moving again. P.S. Look for some pics in the near future of a cooling vest I have been using. Cosmo from hyper Wear has been doing a great job of making a great vest for athletes during the brutal summer heat.

So Marsh got me again! Congrats buddy. But it was Serrano who stole the show that day. He is a top Mexican ITU athlete who will most likely make the Olympic team for Mexico. He is racing World Champs in two weeks time. All the best Fransico!! Although it was not the result I was looking for, i was happy to be on the podium after the past week of training.

I'm back in to some brutal training again this week. Had a nasty swim set this morning and will be bringing the bucket along to the track tonight.


kimmie said...


Hey, thanks for tracking me down. It's always great to hear from you. And now we can keep in touch via the wonderful world of blogging...

Hope all is well :) I'll drop you an email soon to catch up!


Lauren Ralston said...

Congrats James! I guess the glass of red wine AND coke didn't hurt too much on saturday night!

Kelly said...

Hey Lindsay...
OK so we tried the jalapeno black bean salmon enchiladas. Great! I had to improvise a lot...got a frozen salmon steak and just cooked it and broke it up into pieces (couldn't find salmon burgers)...also couldn't find black beans w/ jalapenos so did pintos which were great. The tortillas were HEB's homemade ones (so good) but didn't want to fold well...totally stressed me out. But while they were not rolled perfectly the meal was AWESOME! I stuffed Derick too. :) And had one leftover! (made 6)
Thanks and keep them coming!