Friday, May 16, 2008

Staples in our Home

A lot of people ask me what food I keep in the house and to be quite honest it varies from season to season. As I mentioned before I have a few food in tolerances and my poor husband gets to eat what I eat most of the time, luckily he likes almost everything I buy! The number one staple we have in our house is of course tons and tons of produce. James eats about 3-4 apples a day and if I have bananas in the house he will eat at least 2-3 on top of the apples. Fiber up baby! We also have mounds of salad, frozen veggies, berries, etc. All from Costco of course because this is James' favorite store EVER!! Anyway, here are a few other staples that we like to keep in the house that are delicious, nutritious, and worth spending a buck or two for.
1. Kashi Heart to Heart oat Cereal- 50% to 100% of the following vitamins
Vitamin A 100% as beta carotene)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin B6
Folic Acid
Vitamin B12
2. Vans Wheat Free Mini Waffles- taste yummy with natural almond butter and made with brown rice flour and potato flour
3. Uncle Bens 90 second whole grain medley- my favorite is the Santa Fe blend made with brown rice, black beans, and corn. This is great as a side, in a tortilla, or even a Mexican stir fry with shrimp!
4. Light laughing cow cheese (about the only cheese I can tolerate). This cheese come in wedges that are only 35 calories, less than 2 grams of fat, and is a spreadable natural cheese. I love this on a brown rice tortilla with honey, cinnamon, and apple slices!
5. Yummy Costco Salmon Burgers (frozen). These patties are loaded with the Omega's. My favorite dish is to actually pair this with wild rice and steamed tomatoes and garlic. I cut up the burger and add curry, garlic, and balsamic to it then stir it into the wild rice and tomatoes for a tasty salmon bowl!
6. And then there is Juice Plus Thins. These tasty tablets contain a variety of all-natural ingredients including: fruit powders and extracts like malabar tamarind (garcenia cambogia), a citrus fruit that enhances the body’s ability to burn fat and helps naturally reduce hunger. We have both Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon. Take them before a meal with water. Definitely helps you stay regular as well! ha ha!

Well thats it for now. Let me know if anyone else has the same favorites!


BreeWee said...

We have very similar eating habits! AND our poor hubbies have no choice to eat it! I remember a time your man (the Costco lover) would eat all the Fatboys! Do you let him buy those :)

I still think you should start your own blog...

James Cotter said...

I know! You, me, and Macaby should start our own little sports nutrition cookbook or something.
James has his treats every friday (thats his own doing). We like the Tofutti Cuties. Those are pretty tasty and on occasion I will buy him a chocolate chip ice cream cookie from our neighborhood gas station. I love fat boys! But I definitely need my lactose pills for that one! By the way, I attempted to start my own blog but got lazy. :) Good luck tomorrow at Honolulu Tri!!!