Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Road Ahead

Will keep this very brief. Again I was no where near were I think I should be in the pro ranks this year. After Galveston I should have made a very critical assesment of where I was really at and should have gone into a huge training block instead of being to ambitious and reaching for results I was truely not capable of at the time. I felt defeated, but I'm not out and I will be back. It will be a long road in front of me but I will put in the time required.

Only positive for me at Lubbock was my swim. It was my second swim in my FAST Quintana Roo Superfill. I really like this suit! Very flexible in the shoulders and very easy to get the heels outofthe suit quick. It also has a virtual pull buoy (thicker material between the legs) and really keeps the hips nice and high. For me it allows me to get more rotation in my stroke with less kicking. Cruised and really did cruise the swim as we were in wetsuits with 75 degree water temp and 90+ outside air temp. Came into T1 as first professional male out of the water. Then it was just being a spectator of many awesome athletes passing my by. Congrats to QR athlete Kelly Williamson for the overall female win and to Michael and Amanda Lovato for there 2nd and 5th places overall.

Calories from day:

Breakfast: oatmeal w/banana, have been using Lara Bar recently as a snacking and pre- race gluten free calorie bar. Very easy onthe stomachand very delicious. x1 24oz bottle of fruit punch EFS

Bike: x2 bottles all with First Endurance products. x1 bottle 200 calories EFS fruit punch, x1 bottle 400 calories EFS liquid shot

This post is really just a huge thanks to my sponsors who allow to me to pursue my dream of competing in the sport of triathlon as pro. K-Swiss, First Endurance, Profile Design, Quintana Roo, Nuttzo, GT Kombucha.

Thank you for your continued support and motivation during the hard times. The small e-mails of encouragment and even the phone calls. Robert your help the past year with tips and help with my race nutrition.