Sunday, March 30, 2008

Almost there baby!

I will be flying to Hawaii on Thursday to kick off my 2008 racing season. I am very excited to be going to back to hawaii to race one of my very first victory's.

Training has been coming along well and I am feeling strong. I had a bit of a shocker on Thursday for my speed work session on the treadmill. Was going after the follwing set again:

x5 (3min @ 11.5mph, 2min @ 11.7mph, 1min @ 12.0) Recover 2 min

I completed the set the previous weekend but died after the second set. Finished up running the last 3 at a solid 5:27 pace. Still a nice leg turnover, but not what I had hoped. I think I have been rather tired and annoyed with all the driving I do going from far north to far south three days a week and battling traffic. My car is my biggest stressor at the moment.

Off to the computrainer for:

20 min w/u
6x1 min at VO2 max
6 min at FTP
2x3 min at VO2
6 min At FTP
Straight to 60 minute run

Congrats to Brandon And Amy Marsh with their great showing at California 70.3. B> Marsh threw down a 1:15 half running himself back into top 10! I think our run set the other week, pushing each over back and forth, played a part! haha

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here is a video that has been going around. Found it on a friends blog.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hard ride/run

Had a solid ride on the trainer today. Since the races are getting closer, my intervals are getting longer and harder. There are some workouts you look at and just get nervous looking at because you know how much they are going to hurt. Thursday's track workout on the schedule looks like a painful one.
I just finished up with a solid computrainer ride that went very well. My body seems to be adapting to the higher watts. I will need them extremly high as Chris Lieto is racing at Lavaman. Even though I say I need them high, he will be riding in another area code then myself.

Todays Ride/Run:
w/u 15 min
20 minutes in L3 (tempo watts)
5x 30H/30E at L5 (VO2 max)
3x 6 minutes high LT (3 watts below VO2 max to be exact)
3x3 minutes at 5km pace with 2min rec
3x2 minutes at 5km pace with 1min rec

The run has been changed due to a lingering thunderstorm with heavy rains in the vicinty. I took a quick glance at Simon Whitfield's blog and will do the set mentioned in his latest posting at Lifetime Fitness

3x (3min at 11.5mph , 2min at 11.7 and 1min at 12mph)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Swim tomorrow

I have recruited one of my former race rivals, Peter Hursty, to help me along with my swimming for the year. Peter holds legendary status in the Hawaii triathlon scene. When I came along in the sport I thought (and still do) this guy was the man. He won the Tinman Triathlon many times and still holds the course record. The guy was a machine in the water, killer biker, and would run away from you with ease if you happened to still be around. I just have so much trouble writing up my own workouts because they are so my style. Pete send me a wicked workout for tomorrow that i am very excited about.

4,200 meters! Have some 100 repeats, 400 repeats and 200 repeats. Fun little twists within the workout. Ok, no more computer as I think it is the problem for my lack of sleep.

So Tired

Just jumped on the computrainer to do a 90 minute session and jumped off after 10 minutes! Not too happy at all because it is a hard quality session. I jumped off because I am so tired...and have been the past three days. It all started on Thursday after my track session, I wasn't able to fall asleep until 2am, and then Friday night I was up until 1! Not sure what is causing my problems but hope it comes to an end soon. Might have to load up more on Juice Plus to get all my nutrients in, maybe then i will be able to fall asleep.
Last night I swapped out pillows for my water pillow and placed it in the line up. Yes the line up, all you fellas who are married know what I'm taking about. When I was single I had two pillows and two pillows only :) Sorry babe, I love you, but I have to. The wife now has the "decorative pillows"...6 to be exact. And with all the complaining I do to her about them, I find myself setting up the line up every bloody morning. I will admit it does make the bed look pretty nice. Anyways, the water pillow is fantastic. It is a pillow with a water sack that you fill up to the level of firmness you would like your pillow. When you roll your head, the water rolls with you keeping it supported through out the roll. Very comfortable pillow that that gives me a more refreshed feeling in the morning.

I think I might go take a nap before heading off to work.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh....the pain. My goodness!

Today was a important set for me just to make sure i am on the right track for the year and also for the Lavaman triathlon. I was joined by another top Austin Triathlete (Mr. Marsh) for the set and he kept me very honest.

The Set: 6 x 1km with 60 seconds recovery

#1 3:01
#2 3:02
#3 3:05
#4 3:05
#5 3:09
#6 3:09

As you can see i went out too fast on the first and second interval and after that 1 minute rest was just not enough, especially on the last two intervals. The last two hurt so badly and I was hanging on to Marsh. Overall, I am pleased with how the set went as the season is still early and I have some bounce to my step. More strength work and track sessions should build more consistency in my splits with a smaller range in times.

Have the ATC ride again Saturday and I hope to be a little stronger. Enjoy the weekend. Talk again soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Training partners

First off I would like to say that I miss my wife very much. I know most men including myself love the thought of the woman leaving the house. The thought of being able to roam in my kingdom without anybody questioning me sounded terrific. Sadly, I miss her very much. She has gone to Hawaii..yes Hawaii, I should be furious she is there without me! Lindsay is working as assistant director for the Lavaman triathlon and will be gone for the entire month of March. We will be reunited for sure on April 3 when I arrive to compete in the race. Babe, I miss you. All you fellas reading thinking I'm soft, you know you wish you were saying the same thing to your woman :)

Training has been coming along at a good pace. Today in the pool I finally hit my 10x100m on my 1:20 send off holding 1:15s. I know it is not extremely quick, but enough to stay with most front packs. For the next two weeks I will use 1:20 as my base while I make my sets longer before coming down to 1:15 set offs the last 10 days. Also, I have managed to start swimming 3km for most sessions now! Pathetic yes, but swimming by yourself gets really boring after a while. Switched up some sets which made it more interesting. I also enjoy coming in with a game plan, and then switching it half way through. Keeps me on my toes!

My hard sessions take place on Tuesday's and Thursday's and I mostly do them on my own but this week has changed. I had a friend join me yesterday for trainer session of:
10 min w/u
5x 30/30 at VO2 man
3x5 minutes LT (straight to run)
45 min run with 3x3 minutes at 10km pace then 3x2 at 5km pace

It was a great session because once we hit the run it was 20:00 and pretty dark. I tell you, there is nothing more frightening then running in the dark and hearing but not seeing the dogs coming for you. There is a strip I call dog alley and you just have to be prepared to go, and go hard because you can't see if it is a German Shepard of a little jack russel. After the set we tried to go out for dinner and realized it was 21:45 and everything was closed.

Tomorrow I have a track session of 6x 1000m and I have another friend coming to join me as well! Really looking forward to tomorrows set because it will be a solid indicator of were my strength/speed is for my build to the up and coming season.

Also for the triathlon readers...I am trying to pull off the Faris Al Sultan beard and it is coming in very nicely. It is funny because the neck portion of the beard (a.k.a neck sweater) is coming in faster then the rest of the beard. Pictures to come soon.

Last thing, I received four new toys the other day that are so sweet.
1) Xterra 0.02 Speed suit. Fastest overall swimmer in Hawaii used this and has lowest drag co-effiectient then any other suit tested.
2) TP massage kit from the man himself, Cassidy. Cassidy is the man in charge of TP and is a hell of a good guy with a hell of a good product.
3&4) Hyper wear training and cooling vest. Cooling vest is still a prototype but is very sweet. Great from w/u before races and using while doing a trainer session.

peace out