Monday, May 19, 2008

New Kicks

I arrived home the other day to two massive boxes at the front door. All my gear from K-Swiss had arrived and I felt like a five year old on Christmas morning! Let's just say I have a new wardrobe which I love. I have running shoes, casual shoes, sweats, sweaters, workout gear, training gear, board shorts, duffel bags, and hats. I sport my K-Swiss B-ball shorts daily now and roll baller style now baby!

With great support comes great responsibility, so I will announce some cool news in the coming weeks about some changes that have been made for success down the road.


Anonymous said...


I have the Ultra Natural and love it for races. Just wondering what the model of the Gold/Red shoe is that you have pictured? Do you use it for training?

James Cotter said...

The ultra natural is a pretty sweet shoe and I'm hooked on them.
The gold/red shoe is the Ultra Race and is an incredible racing shoe. It is due out this year, but I'm not exactly sure when. Once I find out the due date i will pass it on. I is a shoe you will love, especially if you like the ultra natural

Stefan said...


you're in the news :-)


Flatman said...

Do you still like the ultra naturals???