Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cap Tex Tri

Cap Tex is only a few days away and the training has been going well. Cap Tex will be a training race with the goal of being strong for a race down the road on the 8th of June. All that means is that I will not taper for the race. I will also be going as hard as I can. Coach Derick has me on a very high intensity block of training at the moment to get my biking up to par. I have done two fitness tests the past week and one went well and one went horrible. Have very challenging run and swim tomorrow that will be fun and painful. Saturday will be a long steady ride before heading into the race on Sunday.

Below are the tests I completed this week.

Test 1: LT/V02 Max sets on the bike
Result: I did rather poorly on the test and now why I had a horrible ride at Wildflower.
Goal: Build up my LT and VO2 max systems.

My sets this week have been very challenging but my body is adapting quickly to the higher and harder workload. I love the new workouts because every thing is so very specific. We hope to have my biking stronger in the next couple of weeks.

Test 2: 15 minute run on track
Result: I completed 11.5 loops of the track. Solid 5:10-5:14 pace
Goal: Have my sets longer at the above pace. I have to get comfortable running here


Anonymous said...


How many watts does your LT watts and vo2watts vary from early season to late?

James Cotter said...

Have a new coach now who is opening my eyes to power. I have had an SRM for a while and never really used it or downloaded data as weird as that sounds. I really don't have the data that shows be the range between early and late season. The goal we have recently set is to be able to be comfortable riding at 300 watts. In three months down the road I will let you know the variation as my riding has been pretty piss poor!