Sunday, January 31, 2010



Hello, hello! My name is James, I'm Lindsay's husband. I started this blog back in 07(I think) as a means to just update people on how I train and race. Lindsay then came into my blog and the past year it has been more posts from her than I! Since training and racing is just around the corner I will be posting more often from now.

Since Lindsay posts about nutrition I thought I would come in and talk to you about my new nutritional sponsor for 2010. I would like to introduce you to

Tried their product back in August while training in North Carolina with Justin Park. We were on a long ride and I bonking and cramping. Justin gave me some EFS and liquid shot and in a few minutes I was good to go. Justin introduced me to the entire line up once we arrived back home. None of the drinks use artificial sweeteners and the bars are GLUTEN FREE! Yes, first endurance bars are gluten free!! They are also very delicious.

The line up in top notch. Multi Vitamins, Recovery Drink (Ultragen), electrolyte beverage (EFS), Gels (Liquid Shot), and the Optygen HP which is suppost to be out of this world. I have been on the multi vitamin for about two weeks and am feeling great. The recovery drink, ultragen is fantastic and a must have after long training days.

Go and check them out.

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