Monday, January 11, 2010


doesn't look hard, but this is one of the hardest positions to lie. Called the founder.

Ringa pakia! haha no, I'm not about to bust out a HAKA. but maybe in later post

Taking superman to a new level. It burns

What am I doing? I'm doing foundation roots classes here in Steiner Ranch. Mr. Armstrong is incorporating Foundation workouts into his training program in prep for his 2010 Tour. I'm a huge Lance fan. Derick Fisher from Lakers is doing Foundation. Dr. Jeff is helping me out this year to become faster and stronger on my bike. Dr. Jeff moved to Austin via California and brought this class with him. His good friend Dr. Goodman and Peter Park founded Foundation roots in order to help people develop stronger cores and reduce back pain and issues. Dr. Jeff along with Goodman and Park is one if not the only one trained to teach foundation roots at the moment. Dr. Jeff will be opening up his chiropractic clinic in Steiner Ranch shortly and will continue teaching his Foundation classes.

The workout is focused on working your deep inner core muscles. Since my biking was weak and inconsistent in 09 my coach (Matt Dixon) and I decided to make big changes and put in more gym work (I guess you could say I'm a gym rat now) and more core work. There are a number of positions you go through that challenge your core/lower back/glut in ways I can't even describe. When I finish the sessions it is like I have awakened muscles I have never used before and strengthened the ones I have been using. I though my core was at best, moderately strong...I was humbled big time while trying to hold certain positions. In three weeks worth of classes with Dr. Jeff I can climb better seated on my bike, can maintain better posture during my 90 min plus runs, and my entire body feels much more efficent. I would encourage anybody in the Austin area to visit this class. You can be an athlete, somebody who suffers back issues, or your avaerage joe who wants a stronger core.

Here is the description for the class.
The principle behind Foundation training is creating powerful, flexible movement from the real "core" of the body, the deep postural spine muscles. Foundation training brings people back to a primitive movement pattern, the way our bodies are designed to move. In re-establishing these movement patterns injuries very frequently decrease and all too often disappear. All of this begins with a slightly different understanding of what our movement core is composed of.

We define the core as being bi-layered:
The primary layer is that of the deep structural muscles of the spine, pelvis, and pelvic floor. These muscles are responsible for our stability while standing, sitting, and even laying down. They connect individual vertebrae and are involved in nearly every movement we make.

The secondary layer is composed of the larger muscles of the spine, hips and of course the abdomen. These muscles are very important in our larger movements, but without the structural integrity of those small supporting muscles, there is no real strength.

For more information, check out:

Try this new class, taught by Dr. Jeff!
Foundation classes are now offered exclusively at Wild Basin Fitness in Seiner Ranch
Monday, 5:30 pm. Wednesday, 10:00 am. Thursday, 5:45 pm.



april said...

What a neat class! I love working my core but I usually end up doing isolation moves like crunches. I'd love to try some deep muscle action!

Anonymous said...

wow what a great class! id love to try this!