Thursday, January 14, 2010

How do you like your oats?

So we've been on this protein kick lately. I add it to everything it seems like. Protein smoothies, protein pudding, etc. My favorite so far is a big bowl of Chocolate Whey and banana oats. Thick, hearty, great combo for a cold day. Easy to make and even better if you let them sit in the fridge overnight.

1. 1 cup old fashion rolled Oats
2. 1 scoop chocolate whey
3. 1 banana
4. 1/2 cup Almond milk
5. 1/2 tbsp almond butter (optional)

We use a kettle to cook our oats. So I boiled the kettle, poured the hot water over my oats, added the chocolate whey and stirred. Then I let them sit (covered) for a few minutes, stir again. Then add milk and almond butter, stir and cook in microwave for a minute more. Then add your banana on top (you can mix it all together or just leave the banana slices on top). I let our sit over night and that way they were even thicker in the morning. YUM! Yes, simple recipe but sometimes simple is good.

How do you like your oats?



april said...

Simple oats are the best! I think you have the perfect combo right there. I also like oats with egg whites and nut butter!

april said...

P.S I posted the picture of your cake on my blog today!!

ktbwood said...

thank you for your nice comment!
your oats look like the BOMB
i LOVE oats w. egg much volume! and nut butter is a MUST

redhead75 said...

I like my oats sweet with egg whites whipped in for volume :)

Thanks for the blog comment!

How cute and healhty looking are you 2? Love it!

feerlessfood said...

Those oats do look really good! I made almost the exact same thing the other day, but didn't have any milk becuse I was at work. The clutch ingrdient that I added was just a tiny little bit of coffee. I don't life coffee, but it made for a really nice flavor!