Friday, June 27, 2008

Source Endurance


please keep in mind I'm an amateur at the video clips at the moment. I just barged into source with the flip camera in hand!

Source Endurance is the place you need to go and check out if you want to see your times drop and your overall rankings in races go down. Even if you want to lose weight! As you can see in the video, Source Endurance has a top of the line lab. No joking around with this lab as you can get so much valuable data to help in the progression of your training. If you're not happy with the position you have on your bike, they have the retul bike fitting system. They have the equipment and they have the best coaches in multisport, cycling, running, and I'm sure just about any other endurance sport!
The layout you receive for your monthly schedule keeps you honest because once you hit send it goes straight to your coaches computer. Along with coaching you also get the use of the lab.

Derick Williamson- Multisport/cycling/ running
David Wenger- Cycling
Kelly Handel-Multisport/cycling/running
Stefan Rothe- Cycling
Brandon Marsh- Mulisport

All these coaches are all top athletes. Coach D won the AT&T half marathon in a blazing 1:07. David Wenger and Stefan Rothe are both pro cat 1 cyclists, and Marsh and Handel are pro triathletes.

I have known coach D (Derick Williamson) for sometime now. We meet early in 07 when he was coaching Lance Parker who was and still is a super star runner here in Austin. We lost contact and it really was not until May of this year that I hooked back up with at the Source Endurance booth at the rookie triathlon. I had been happy with my training up to the rookie but really thought I needed a lot more to be up in the ranks I wanted to be at. After a consultation with Derick at Whole Foods we got to work straight away. Starting with some formative measures:

8x8 min at LT watts
15 min straight on the track

The bike was horrible! I was only able to make one send off! Second interval I lost the average at about 2 minutes into it and knew it was not going to get any better. 5weeks later and a lots of hard training and I can ride 6x 15 minutes at the wattage I could just barely hold onto for one interval!!! The running was not as tough and I had a solid split making it around the track 11.5 times. I know am running 3x3 miles on 2 min rest at the same pace I could run the 15 minutes at! I have seen so many improvements from my power data and running splits and am thrilled. I know i will have my break out race very soon.

Source Endurance is a fantastic place to be coached from, or even better yet, the best place to be trained in Austin, TX period.

Go check them out. And tell them Cotter sent you. Source Endurance

Oh yeah, keep it gangsta yall keep it gangsta! See video below to understand.

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