Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Grillin!!

Boy its hot here! Yesterday it got up to 101 degrees. YIKES! Anyway, since its too I make James do the grillin'. Here's a great recipe that's fast and tasty. This week we've been loading up on all the seasonal vegetables. Its a great way to support your local farmers, etc! Plus, these vegetables are loading with a healthy antioxidant that aid in recovery.

Ingredients and Directions:
1. Chicken vegetables kabobs- I find these already put together, just uncooked, at our local grocery store or Whole Foods Market. They also have a vegetable kabob kit that you can grab if you want to go vegetarian and use tofu or tempeh instead of meat or shrimp.
2. Then after arranging the chicken and veggies on the kabobs, marinate them for about 30min-1hr in the fridge.
-----Marinade consists of the following
- Soy Ginger Sauce
- reduced fat or regulas Italian Dressing (not fat free- it burns the chicken)
- dash of garlic and pepper
- olive oil
- Balsamic vinegar
(I used random amounts until I found the flavor I liked)
3. Then warm up the gas grill to med/high heat, place kabobs on foil wrapping, and cook for about 20-30 min or until chicken in done. We turned them about every 3 min or so. Keep them in foil so the juice from the marinade doesn't drip out and they stay juicy!! James was awesome at this as he learned to grill from the master of the grill, his father Tim Cotter!
4. I also sliced up some eggplant and grilled them in foil as well. These only took about 10-15 min or so while flipping them only once. You know when they are done when the middle is no longer crisp but rather has a sauteed look.
---------Drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, and some kind of other spice you might like (we used green curry and garlic) over the sliced eggplant.

5. Add an avocado and tomato salad plus the Uncle Ben's Santa Fe Brown Rice (90 sec cook) and you are set for a quick and healthy meal!!

We had no leftovers which means we'll have to make round two again soon!


Anonymous said...

keep up with the leeker braai.
The "Master"

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

I have to ask, what does leeker braai mean? Thanks "Master"