Monday, June 30, 2008

Favorite Find of the Week!

Okay, I have to admit that sometimes it is hard to find fast healthy food to make for dinner. I am NOT a creature of habit so I hate having the same thing ever night for dinner. I LOVE to explore new foods, especially healthy foods! It's like Christmas every time I get to try out a new food find and cook it up for James. Whether he eats or not is a different story, but so far he's been a fan of almost everything! Anyway, our local grocery store went under renovation last month and the re-grande opening was this weekend. They added in a wine bar, fresh roasted nut booth, a gelato and coffee bar, and a whole new health food section, YEA!! I was eager to check it out and see what new produce, wine, etc. they had to offer. Strolling down the freezer section, I spotted the words "all natural." Hmmm... what's this? All natural and healthy pancakes, but these are not your morning pancakes. They were the kind you usually make with potatoes. I found several selections from Zucchini, Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and more. I had to get them. I started off just trying the Zucchini Cakes. We tried these as a little side dish with our chicken and salad. They're so yummy and easy to bake. Just 8 minutes in the oven. I paired it with a little Jalapeno mustard dipping sauce and James was in Heaven. The Black Bean are also great! And for only 70 calories, these are a score. They have several more flavors. Check them out at Old Fashioned Kitchen website and let me know if you become a fan like myself. Next to try on the list is the Baja Corn Fritters!
Keep it Healthy.

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