Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week of Thanks to my Support


CATZ is a facilities-based sports performance company that designs and delivers sports-specific training programs to competitve athleted around the world. The training methodology is unique and uniquely delivered in a state-of-the-art facility.

I meet up with Dirk, CEO of the North Austin CATZ (620 & 183) last year and had a chat with him about a new product he was releasing. We chatted and I was then told I was able to train at the facility during my off season work. Dirk was the first guy to really give me the support I needed to try and complete my dream of being a top triathlete. From about Sept-Jan I trained twice a week for an hour, religiously, to prep myself for the 08 season under super trainer BILL MEYER. I had never been a fan of strength training as I thought it was bad for training as I would put on more muscle weight. The training at CATZ is nothing like I thought strength training would be like. I came out of the five months, leaner, faster, more explosive, and most importantly, less injury prone.

A workout session might look like the following:

Warm up and flexibility
Injury Prevention (single leg balance work is a must. It saved me)
Water Break
set 1: speed block
set 2: Strength endurance block
set 3: power endurance block
Finish: core series

All sessions go for an hour long. Of course not all sessions are like the ones listed but that is what you can look forward to. These sessions are not all weights also which I loved! Lots of ball work, power cord work,...etc. Basically it is a blast for an hour and you finish spent but for some reason you can't wait to come back for more. This has helped me stay injury free and I recommend this to all. If you want to increase you fitness, then this is the place for you.

Look CATZ up and find a location in your area. Catz will give you A FREE TRIAL SESSION, YES, FREE. I know you will love it as much as I do. Parents, they also offer a variety of youth specific training sessions.

THANK YOU CATZ! Thank you DIRK for supporting me.

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rr said...

We need one of these here. I wish I had a few hundred K to invest.. I would.

I'm all over the one leg balancing in attempt to get/stay healthy again. Dave Scott showed me a bunch last year.. he swears by them.