Sunday, June 15, 2008

Burger Time

I had a nice recovery week after Alcatraz to get my body fresh and ready to go for another hard cycle starting on Saturday. I had a 3.5 hr ride with an hour at threshold and the remainder at endurance watts with some hills. This was followed by a hard 4 mile run off the bike. I was so ready for this work out but when it came to it I lasted 2 intervals and was done. Was it the heat, was I fatigued, not enough sleep, I was so pissed i couldn't even make the set. I decided to just ride for 3.5 hours but could hardly even produce enough power to get up the hills just down the road! I turned back and went to sleep I was so tired.

Alcatraz was the most amazing race I had ever competed in but I was pretty devastated about finishing out of top ten and having a poor swim. It was on my mind the entire bloody week and I couldn't let it go. I tend to hold on to things and keep them bottled inside. This lead to poor communication between my wife and I which came to a head on Friday night. Mental stress was culprit and I had never felt so drained in my life on Saturday! After a long talk with the wife all was good on Saturday. You know what is the hardest part of marriage is? Letting go of your ego and admitting your wrong. I hate it!

This morning I had a 13 mile run which I changed to 10 because I wanted to get in the bike workout from Saturday since it was a key session. I finished my first loop and was turning around to complete the second in the opposite direction when the next door neighbours dog decided to come play. Lindsay and I have yet to meet the neighbour and have no idea what the dog's name is, so I named this dog, Buster, because he is always busting the law and I always want to bust him up when he does. He is a good dog just bloody annoying at times. Buster joined me today on my run even after I told him to bugger off about 50 times. He is fast and after failing to drop him I figured he would be a great running partner; however, bloody Buster was running in front of cars, crapping in every one's yard, pissing on ever tree, and people think he is my dog!! I had to run him home which ended up adding three more miles to run. Run was solid coming home in 1hr 25 min.

The bike was 8x7min at threshold which is not that long but for me it would be a huge improvement as I couldn't even make two about three weeks ago. I was still a little worried about how I would fair since yesterday was a disaster. Nailed all of them at the upper end of my zone and was a happy man. My reward... a HUGE HAMBURGER from the natural burger joint down the road. Of course it was chased down with a cold glass of coke. I have become the biggest fan of coke ever since moving to Texas. Nothing bets a cold coke after riding in 100+ degree's with high humidity.

Tomorrow is mellow and then Tuesday and Wednesday will be hard days that I can't wait to tackle.

Check out Source Endurance if you want to be pushed to your limits and come out stronger.


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) said...

We all unfortunately know what you are talking about. And remember it isn't easier when one person is from NZ or the UK and the other from a "warmer" climate. Still it's amazing how things sort themselves out.
I remember being followed up most of Kaloko Drive by a Doberman in a bike race - he looked fairly friendly, but got in my way a lot and make me quite nervous. I talked to it a lot, but did not dare kick it.
I will look up Source Endurance. I need to try to get to the next level.

Kelly said... are so right. Derick and I had the same thing, was the Monday prior to Eagleman. Mon night was 'a talk', Tues AM my run felt like there was a 20# weight on my head. We talked after that run and I felt so much better...and by Wed, I felt even better than I had before it all happened...emotional stuff can be much more tiring than training can be. Hang in there, don't beat yourself up over Alcatraz. You have SO much time ahead of you...I always say, be honest w/ yourself, and figure out the routine that works for YOU. As long as you are happy in the sport and still improving your potential and your 'lifespan' as a triathlete is endless.

rr said...

I loved the Alcatraz report JC - I am dying to do that one next year. Just need to learn to swim.. way to get out there and run with Ben, you guys must have been flying. Go Hawaiians :)

Marriage is learned, you guys are rocking it.