Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Defeated today

My training week goes Monday through Sunday and I just finished a very difficult two week block. Last week went like this:

Monday: EZ swim 2000m, EZ Bike 1.5 hr
Tuesday: 3000 hard swim, 3 hr bike with 1.5hr at LT, 10 mile run with repeats (hard)
Wednesday: 3000m swim, 2hr ride
Thursday: 3000m swim, 3.5hr ride with 1.5hr at LT, hill repeats
Friday: 3000m swim, 8 mile run
Sat: 4.5hr ride, 8 mile run hard
Sun: 17mile run

Come today I had longer sets on the bike and I was looking forward to nailing the wattage as it turn out Rhode Island is not going to be a weak field. I felt tired, but we all do right? I kept on having to recalibrate the SRM because my power was very sh*tty. Turns out the SRM was fine and the legs were not. I ended up turning around and calling it so I can nail my sets on Thursday. This is the last hard week before the taper and I hope it gets better. Taco Tuesday still goes on but I just dont feel as deserving tonight. The tacos were bloody delicious tonight!

Big shout to

Luke McKenzie for winning Ironman Japan
Bree Wee for placing second at Ironman Japan
Brandon Marsh for placing 5th at BSLT
Grant Glauser for winning his AG and getting a slot to Kona
Rachel Ross for being able to run again!. Rachel has a great blog if you have not checked it out yet. Very funny.


BreeWee said...

One not-so-good day, no big deal... let it go and get it back tomorrow!

Hawaii is behind ya all the way in Rhode Island!

eat Tacos!

rr said...

The battle of the Hawaii boys in RI - too bad it's not really an island.

Have a great race, I'll be rooting for you!