Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Solo Training

Cameron Brown left Austin Sunday morning to head to Kona for final preparations. He was originally scheduled to stay until Thursday, but being away from his family for 8 weeks was long enough, so he headed over to the island earlier to be with them. Had a great time training with Cameron and the house was quiet without him for a few days. No more coke in the fridge and ice cream in the freezer! It is nice to have the place back with Lindsay so I can act like a husband instead of a room mate :)
Cameron left in great form and Lindsay and i hope he has a great race. GO BROWNIE!!

Cameron is not a hyper-wear athlete, but he was keen to try it out for a few sessions.

Now it is back to swimming on my own. I can train just fine by myself and no ipod while biking and running, but swimming kills. I doubt I will ever be able to do 3x800, 1500m TT, or 1000m kick sets by myself. It was so much fun having another person in the water suffering along with you. I really have to look into a master swim team around this area.

The cumulative fatigue of training with Cameron in the swim as well as hard sessions on the track came to head the last week. While doing hill repeats my back went into a spasm and I went down hard. I had to call for help as I couldn't get up, and when I did, there was no power to get back to the top! Went to Advanced Rehab and
Ron Vaughn afterwards to get help loosening up the back. I think these two establishments are Austin's finest for Chiropractic work and massage therapy. If your in Austin for Longhorn and looking for a final adjustment/massage check them out. I was feeling good after being worked on and two days later was on the trainer knocking out a tough session when it happened again! Been laying off the bike and going hard in swim and run. Received a shock yesterday when I went out and could barley hold 270 watts on the bike! Now it is time to follow coach's orders and stick to his workouts. No more 5,000m swims or sub 5 min mile track sessions. Getting to bed before 10 is helping also. My insomnia was at its peak all last week. I was up till 0100-0200 in the morning and it was rough.

Hope by Sunday everything comes along for my final race of the season.

After Dallas it is off to Kona to help with the K-Swiss crew spread the word about our awesome shoes. Check out these bad boys!

K-ONA U.S.A. racing flat.

K-ONA and the Ultra Natural II

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