Friday, September 19, 2008

King of Coke (cameron) and Coke Jr. (james) The delicious cold beverage coke-a-cola

Good news and bad news. The good is that Cameron Brown arrived safely into Austin the other day and has settled in well. Have been on a few rides, runs and swims. I actually put in 4,300 meters of swimming this morning! He will be a great partner for me in the pool as I have to get my a$$ into gear as October 5 is not too far away.

Bad news is that Cameron loves coke. If you read my blog a month ago you remember that I had a horrible coke addiction. Well, it is back. Three cokes yesterday and two down today. Does coke zero make a difference?

The wife doesn't know that I steal Cameron's cokes, so ssshhhhh.....

Pics of Cameron's Pinerelo TT bike to come


MarkyV said...

Does coke zero make a difference?


All the caffeine, none of the sugar. Yer okay.
Hell... I'm the king of diet soda. :) :) :)

malita said...

I was with you on this coke addiction till I realized you were talking about the drink - jk...

Well YOUR wife drinks artificially flavored carbonated "water"...I'm just sayin.

BreeWee said...

Ha ha, I remember your dad telling Jim and I once that you had too many cokes and when Cam would visit your place on Walua it was his worst nightmare... ha ha, poor Lins with you coke junkies :)

Your buddy Tim swam with us, he needed your company, none of us girls could hang with him...