Sunday, September 21, 2008

Body Imbalance and Pain

The past few days have been a blast in training. With Cameron Brown here I'm more then motivated with every training session I have. Completed a great 12 mile run yesterday averaging 5:45 pace for miles 2-11 with 1 and 12 being warm-up and cool down.

Biking has been a problem for me the past two hard sessions. My glute and lower back have been going into a horrible spasms which have me on the ground unable to move until I can really stretch it out. The good thing though is that I have been completing the sets before the spasms!! Yeah baby. Off to massage and chiro tomorrow.

I will leave this video up for a short while. Each character in this video represents the 16 minutes of absolute pain during the 5 sets on trainer I just completed. To make conditions even worse, I locked my self up in the garage to make it hotter. Yes, I was on the deck with my legs in a spasm after this set. My wife pulled up only to find me lying on the garage floor. I had been there for at least 15minutes. UGH!

This is the funniest video! I love Family Guy!


Linda B said...

That was gross !

Funny... but gross.

Anonymous said...

Who wants sushi??
That was worse than 2 girls and a bucket!

BreeWee said...

Ha ha ha ha! 5:45 2-11, you are a STUD! Move over Macca, when you moving to Iron distance!?