Monday, September 1, 2008

Austin Tri Week

The Run

Heading into T2

Swim Exit

Had a great week leading into Austin Tri after racing Chicago the previous weekend. Low volume with a few sharp efforts on Wednesday and Friday to stay sharp for the race today and then ever thing else was very easy. Race two of four complete. LA Tri next weekend, and then Malibu Tri the following weekend. I have been putting in some solid training and want to put it to use and also race my way into better form for up and coming races. Plus, it seems like a fun challenge.

K-Swiss was a title sponsor of the triathlon and being one of their athletes, they took Lindsay and I out for dinner Saturday night at Hudson on the Bend! This is my favorite restaurant in Austin. Lindsay and I only go on special occasions so it was a treat to be invited out. Mark Sheehan came in from California and all the reps from neighbouring states were all present. Great bunch of guys and we had a great evening. I ordered a espresso-chocolate chili rubbed elk. I didn't want my meal to end.

Race morning came fast and I was a wreck. I don't think i had ever been so nervous before a race before. I kept going over a quote I heard over the weekend.

"All those who show up to a race will race, but only one will win the prize, so race to win"

Warmed up to DJ Skripple this morning. Great tracks from KRS-One, LL Cool J, ODB. I'm addicted to this album at the moment. Just came back from my nieces place and had her jamming out with me. She 2 1/2 years old and I will use a word that I seldom use, cute. She was so cute! I had her bouncing, shaking her booty, and throwing out some hip hop slang.

Swim was very warm and I wasn't too happy to be in a wetsuit. Gun went off and I felt great until the turn around. I was behind Kahn and Marsh and they opened it up on the way home. I did all I could to stay with them but ended up losing about 20-30seconds to them. Came out of the water and charged through T2 to limit my loses to Marsh and Kahn.

Ahhh the bike. I pretty much played catch up for most of the day. Marsh was pushing up the front and it took all of lap one to catch up to the two leaders. Marsh lead from the front the 95% of the race so on the turn around on lap two coming down congress I thought it would be nice to take a pull. Coming down Congress I hit a pot hole and heard a very strange sound but thought nothing of it. Approaching the turnaround on North Congress pretty fast I realized very quickly what noise was I heard after I hit the pot hole. My skewer had popped open and my wheel came out of the chain stay! It only stayed in contact with the frame because the disc locked to the left and the jammed into the brake. I quickly dismounted, sorted out the problem, and received a nice push start to get going again. On the chase yet again! Caught the leader on the last lap at the high school. I tried to lead again but was nervous on the corners so I was passed on the back stretch. I came into T2 ready to run. There was more to the bike then what was written but racing is racing. I know who lead most of the bike.

Off the bike and it was go time as the three of us are all solid runners. I just went for it from the start and just hoped to establish a lead and try and hold it. At about 1km I slowly upped my pace and a small gap formed. At the Jack and Adams turn-around I pushed a little harder and opened up a little more. After the first lap was completed i just tried to hold on. I have been using Hammer Nutrition products and talking with the owner about how to use the products to best suit me. I tend to cramp badly towards the end of all runs and crumble in heat. Today I felt solid. No cramps and I was able to stay cool the entire run. Managed to take the win today which felt great as it has been a while since I have scored a win. It was also very nice to score a win with my sponsors at K-Swiss all present!

Source Endurance again put on a hell of show. Dominated the pro men podium with first and third (BM) over all. Kelly Handel placing second after a top 10 performance at Chicago last week.
That's how Source Endurance rolls.

Thanks to the following:

Jack and Adams for putting on a great race.

Huge shout out to K-Swiss for their presence this week. They make a fantastic shoes that you should check out. Mark, it was great to see you again and I look forward to checking out the big show in California.
Also, look out for some sweet new shoes to enter the market.

Source Endurance and my coach Derick Williamson. They really are one of, if not the best, endurance coaching facilities in the U.S.A.


Hyper wear they have a new cooling vest to be realeased soon that is awesome.

Phase One


Marlawanda said...

Awesome job, James. My boyfriend Kent and I were out there cheering you and Brandon on.
I was wondering which Hammer products you use. I have constant tummy trouble in the heat and have used their Sustained product for IM but am always unsure what to do for anything under that distance. Also, did you actually use a Catz cooling vest before or during the race?
You looked amazing on the run. Congratulations.

Flatman said...

Congrats on the win, bro!!!

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Beating the consistent and experienced Marsh on his own turf is a big achievement, let alone winning the race. It appears you had the fastest bike split despite the bike almost disintegrating in the process. With a time like that, you should aim to qualify for London 2012.

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

Thanks! Taking a win always feels great and was happy to do it in the home town.

Marla, I use H.E.E.D. during an olympic distance race mixed with liquid endurance. Right before the swim start (3-5 minutes) I will down a serving of gel.
Used the cooling vest during warm-up before the race. I love it! Use it most nights before bed as it helps get me to sleep faster.

Anonymous said...

Well done Tiges. Good luck in LA.

acm said...

Lindsey- Bree Wee posted on my blog and said she would do a relay!!!

Jame- Congrats again on a solid race Monday. Good luck in L.A. and Malibu.

rr said...

Awesome race JC!!! Love the report.. way to win!

And now I'm singing and I know because of KRS One.. in my head. Thanks a lot!