Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Time Already!!!

Tomorrow Lindsay and I head off to Clearwater for the day I have prepared as best as I can for. It has been a long, hard, and rough journey to this point and I hope all my efforts result in a race I can be happy with.

I worry as I have been very hermit like in my training doing everything solo which I have not done in a while....or ever. My swimming yardage just tops over 3,000m per day when most are doing 5k. I do try to swim race pace of faster every set..but will my arms have the stregth in them to swim the race with the front pack? The biking has been coming along and I did my last hard ride on Saturday down south. Rode at L5 for 45 minutes and broke my PB on the loop without giving my bike full throttle. Almost was suckered into doing a hard VO2 max set today and bailed last minute. I have been a fan of doing high intensity work close to race day, but since my training has not been following the norm I should probably back off. Ran sub 6s on the 10 mile loop on Sunday but my pacing is pretty off because of lack of speed work. It wasn't pretty since I realized at mile 7 I misjudged my pace and had a to pull a wanna be Ryan Hall.

Thanks to the maybe 5 people.....? who have been reading my posts in the build up to the race.



MarkyV said...

GOOD! You bailed on the VO2 work. Glad to hear it. Yes I read your shit. So keep writing!!! :)

BTW... you have very_ good writing skillz. Yo' Mom would be very proud! :)

James Cotter said...

haha I'm glad at least one person reads.