Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Down Time

Not a huge fan of the off season especially when the last race of the season did not go to plan. All I want to do is go and train so hard so I have a awesome base for next year. Even though my body is not too stressed it is my mind that needs a rest. This year has been one of the hardest years mentally then any other.

To keep myself entertained I have been rock climbing, mountain biking, consuming way too much coffee. Nothing beats drinking a hot cup of coffee outside while feeling the cold air at 6am. I have more free time to get my suit altered, find out about fixing my wedding band and will try find some clothes for my groomsmen today! I am getting married soon to beautiful blonde. Will have to post some lifestyle pics on my page soon.

In the plan as of right now is to run the Austin Marathon in February. I can talk the talk and say I would like to go around 2:45 but until I see what it is like training at that pace I have no idea. The goal is to be sub 2:50. I just would love to beat the time Lance Armstrong posted in New York!