Thursday, November 8, 2007

2 Days to Go

Hello my few dedicated readers!!
Lindsay and I arrived in Clearwater last night after a comfortable flight over from Austin. Bike arrived safetly with out the gorillas doing much harm to the case. I did however find that my derailer had shifted and the chain is rubbing so I will take care of that down at the expo shortly. Will be meeting up with my partner in crime, Tim Marr down at the expo. It has been a while since I have caught with him. It's pretty funny when I think of Tim and I this time last year. We were both single, not thinking of anything marriage, and riding aluminium bikes. Fast forward to today and Tim is married to a beautiful Brazilian riding a carbon fiber bike. I'm one step behind, engaged to a beautiful Texan and riding a carbon fiber bike. Life is very fun and exciting at the moment.

To you all who know the Cotter's, we are not great at getting things done in a timely manner. So, I didn't book the hotel in time and the one we were after was booked up. Lindsay got to work and found a little motel around six miles away from race site. When we arrived late last night it wasn't to appealing to the eye but this morning we woke to a pleasent surprise! We are steps away from the beach. Lindsay and I completed an easy 30 minute run on the beach (Lindsay would like to chime in that she ran longer then me) after throwing some food down the hatch. There is a full kitchen in our place so we have the luxury of putting together our own food.

Off to expo to see who can fix my bike and see who is looking fit.


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