Friday, November 9, 2007

One Day Left

Carbo loading party was last night on the beach and conditions were very cold. Last year was much warmer and comfortable being able to wear Hawaii attire. I just hope the conditions warm up some on race morning. Having said that, I just returned home from a morning swim off Pier 60 with the outside air temperature comfortable.

Now back to to the carbo loading dinner. I ran into Paul and Lance, the superstar coaches from Lifesport. I meet them back in 2004 when they came to Kona for a camp with a bunch of athletes from the academy they use to coach at. It was nice to catch up with them and see how far their new company has come along. They coached Kona superstar, Bree Wee to her record breaking perfromance in Kona this year.

Had a nice swim today and the new wetsuit is incredible! I know a secret that too many don't know about and that is Xterra wetsuits. Most flexibility out of any suit I have ever used..hands down. Big shout out to Glynn at Xterra for helping me out. Ran into Chris Lieto before jumping into the water and had a nice chat. I tell ya, Chris is a hell of a good guy and very humble. He was sporting some sweet 3/4 compression socks. I have talked to a few people here about the socks including Chris and the Lifesport coach Paul. They have all recommended them for traveling and recovery, but they were not so sure about race day until some more scientific evidends comes out. I have a couple pairs and think they do a great job as well for travel and recovery.

About to go for a little beach run and then stay horizontal until the pro meeting a 14:00.



Crash said...

Best of luck to you out there - drop the hammer!

MarkyV said...
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