Saturday, November 10, 2007

That's all she wrote.

It is done and I will have some business to settle here next year. Last year I nailed the run and had a lousy bike. This year I had a great swim, lousy bike, and a solid run. If this trend continues then next year I will put together a solid package.

The swim was like no other swim I have been in. It was just vicious, really vicious. After I found some clear water I started getting into a solid rhythm and next thing I know me and another fellow were leading the swim...until I looked to right to see half the field had swam inside the bouys. I think I was in top 10 at turn around and was feeling great. Coming home with the sun coming always causes navigational problems and I fell victim to it today. I found my self very wide and had to work my way back into the pack. Ended up finding them but losing the top tier guys I so desperately wanted to swim swim. Great start to the day exiting in 23 minutes...three minutes faster then last year.

Once out on the bike I though I was doing ok as the pack was not gaining time on me. Then Mr. Chris Lieto graced the pack with his presence and I just didn't have the legs. In previous posts I mentioned how much my cycling was coming along thanks to the SRM. It was coming along, but I never was able to mix the high watts over a long duration. I was fast just never got to go long :) That will be a major target for me next year. Basically I said hi and bye to all my fellow triathletes on the bike. Mile 50 I was just hanging on.

Now I always love getting onto the run because it has become a strength of mine the past year. Today it was not. I struggled to mile three and then my legs said, ok, we are ready now. Three to eight was awesome! Managed to pick off 5-6 guys and ran with my good buddy, Michael Simpson for a good while and though I was good to the finish. Mile eight came and the legs decided that they were done for the day. Crossed the line in 4:01:50 I think. Not what I was looking for but hey, You only really learn perfection, or close to when you excecute a sub par race. Also, I have a good lookin' blond that i get to spend the rest of the evening with!

Congrats every one who completed the race today and big shout out to the Top 10 male and females. Thanks for everyone who were able to read my postings.

2007 Triathlon Lessons
1) If you wanna be fast, really fast, don't go get stressful day job.
2) Triathlons are a great way to meet great people
3) make a beautiful bike.
4) Speed work in key. Get in three wickedly hard sessions a week.
5) SRMs are the bomb
6) 70 hr work weeks are not fun. Getting the money from 70 hr weeks is awesome!


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MarkyV said...

Aww-some jah-b mate.

Speedier times next year.

Get your arse to Boulder. We shall train much!

Chat soon amigo. : )