Monday, November 26, 2007

Tag! You're it!!

I was tagged today my MarkyV. You have to give a list of five things people do not know about you.

1. I really like opera...especially Nessun Dorma when done by the three tenors.
2. I'm addicted to slowtwitch but never post.
3. I'm a tv star! Did a show with Gabby Resse on FitTV.
4. I use to be a big baller. Represented my region in NZL for basketball.
5. Can't get enough of facial scrub. Scrubbing particles feel great. Check out Jack Black products. The Face Buff is awesome.

Now I'm coming after others.

Bree Wee. First amateur female finisher and 13 OA in Kona. Smashed 20-24 record.

Tim Marr. Good training partner of mine. Navigate to his blog.


BreeWee said...

Does Lindsay know these things about you... and if so she STILL wants to marry you?! Just kidding-she got a great guy! BUT I can't believe you tagged me... I was just tagged 2 weeks ago! I love your posts too-
Hope you & Lindsay are enjoying the holidays!

BreeWee said...

just got your wedding invitation from your dad-by the way I LOVE him...

SO excited for you and Lindsay! Thanks for the invite!