Thursday, November 29, 2007

Roughly 5 weeks

My big day (wedding) is just around the corner now. I remember when I proposed thinking, man, Jan 4 is so far away! Now time is approaching at light speed.

Off season for me has always been a problem for me. I'm like Jan Ullrich, as in, I get nice and fat. Come in-season...actually now I think about it, I go from fat to soft! The problem isn't as bad anymore as I have been in the low 140s this year. Getting back to my point, the off season and the wedding approaching can spell some trouble. I don't want my wedding night to come and I'm a big fatty. I don't want my wife's eyes to be scared from the get go. :) So I will be keeping my blog as my accountability partner. I will also post my favorite snack of the weeks.

As of now I weigh in at 147.

Favorite snack: Laughing Cow Cheese

This tasty light pasteurized cheese snack is incredible! I roll it up in a wrap and spread marmite all over. It is heavenly. For thoes of you who can't tolerate marmite, PB does the trick also.
Indulgence has a lighter side...ummmmmm

Calories: 35
Fat: 2.0g
Carb: 1.0g
Protein: 2.5g

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BreeWee said...

Okay, you said this is where you will be held accountable to your "eating healthy" in preparation for January 4th... you haven't posted so I am assuming you have been grinding on Fat Boys from Costco!

Jim says, just keep the lights off Cotter!