Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spa Treatment

So I think my title might have thrown you off a bit, but just wait.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your random ingredients that you used in a recipe? Well, as you know, we made Sushi last Saturday and come Monday night we still had 5 sheets of Nori Seaweed Sheets left. Don't get me wrong, we are sushi LOVERS but I didn't plan on making sushi again anytime soon. So what to so with these left over Nori seaweed sheets? Ah ha! How about give my salmon fillets a little spa treatment (you know when you get wrapped in seaweed and coconut oil)- Now ya get it?! Anyway, this creation was AWESOME. Here's whatcha do.

1. Take 1 salmon fillet and coat it with balsamic vinegar, a little bit of coconut butter (1/2 tbsp or so) and sea salt/black pepper.
2. Wrap your Nori Sheet tightly around fillet and add a little more coconut oil or butter on top (maybe 1-2 tsp) just to light coat the Nori.
3. Bake your fillets on 400F for 15-18 minutes depending on the thickness of your salmon fillet.

We served the Salmon with Steamed Spinach on the bottom and it ROCKED! Do you have any other uses of Nori? If so, do share! I still have 3 sheets left. I am thinking of trying it out a different fish but am welcome to any other adventurous ideas.

On another note, the husband has been training HARD! First race coming up is March 28th, Lavaman in Kona, Hawaii. I have been the assistant Race Director for the past 4 years. We fly over to Kona at the end of March for a week or so. I work and James races (which is work for him)! Its already sold out and I am already handling the wait list. We're working hard to get everyone in at our max capacity. Crazy how big this race has gotten. Check out our Keauhou Race as well in August. www.lavamantriathlon.com
Okay, I'm out.


Anonymous said...


James and Lindsay Cotter said...

Katie, coconut butter is good on EVERYTHING. I like it in OIAJ as well!

MM said...

I eat rice "balls" wrapped in nori all the time. usually with some salmon (canned works well for this) on the inside. Shape them like a triangle, about 3/4-1 inch thick, and wrap nori on the outside. Wrap the whole thing in saran wrap and put them in my jersey pocket for my post bike commute snack.

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

Oh that sounds good! I will have to try that. Thanks MM!

Jamie (beautyandthebeef) said...

I have to get my hands on some coconut butter...not sure what I'll do with it yet...and I need to start experimenting with preparing fish as well! The closest I've gotten so far is buying the southwest salmon from Trader Joe's and baking it in the oven! I wish I could take a cooking class from you!

That article below is scary! While I don't eat fast food as much as I used to I still do sometimes, but what's worse is I find myself still wanting it, eek!

James and Lindsay Cotter said...


I'm lucky to have a husband who will eat anything. So experimenting is always fun! You gotta try salmon with balsamic vinegar and coconut butter for sure!

NJ said...

YUM...that sounds delish! I've been wanting to add some seaweed into our diets, but I've been at a bit of a loss on how to do that with the dried sheets. Thanks!

jenn said...

Oh my....that salmon sounds delicious!

Need to buy coconut butter. All I have is oil right now.