Monday, April 21, 2008

Yesterday hurt

Yesterday I had a 90 minute run and I decided to throw in a 10 mile tempo section holding 5:50-6:00 minute miles.

I had Lindsay configure the garmin so I could make sure I was not going too fast or too slow. We forgot to turn the audible beep on for in and out of my time zone and that was the first problem. Second problem was that I was not in a great mood. I can't remember why, but i was not happy. I started off under mopac and went in my normal clockwise direction and I went out way too fast for 10 miles. I went out holding a 5:10 pace for the first two miles and had to slow it down. Pretty much after that I knew the run was going to be very difficult. I found a rhythm and just hung on for dear life as my pace was fluctuating between a 5:35 and 6:10 pace. The problem with the garmin is just like the problem you face with heart rate monitors and that is the lag time. I would see 6:10 and I would pick it up and I would see the pace slowly dropping and then all the sudden I'm running 6:10. My pace looked like a profile of a stage in the alps of the Tour. When I had two miles remaining I realized i had to gun it to get under 60 minutes for the ten miles.

There was a Bob Marley concert going on at the shore and the day just happened to be 4/20. Here i am gunning it at 5:20 miles (yes I held them to the end) trying to get as much air into my lungs and all I smell is weed. It was horrible passing my the concert.

I arrived back just in 58 high and was hurting. Happy to go sub 60 with Wildflower coming. Look forward to some nutrition info from Lindsay to come in the near future.

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MarkyV said...

what garmin do you have?