Friday, April 25, 2008

Solid Swim

Have been working hard on getting my swim up to a higher standard as I have been off my game some the past few seasons. I started off as a triathlete but favored swimming and worked on this discipline the most when I first moved to Hawaii. Ever since I moved away I have not been in the pool nearly as much, but with some help from a buddy in Hawaii I have been putting in 3,500m pretty consistently the past two weeks. It's not much but it sure beats the 1,500m I use to put in two days a week!

Yesterday (25m short course pool)
w/u 500S,200k,300p
set1 5x200 on 2:40 holding 2:30
set2 12x100 (1-4 on 1:20 holding 1:15,5-8 on 1:30 holding 1:09,9-12 on 1:45 whatever was left in the tank
6x50 Hard
100 cool down

after the swim I went into a 1.25hr run on the hills of my neighbourhood.

600 breath every 6th stroke
500 breath every 5th stroke
this went down to 100

The breath control sets have been SO hard but when I go back to my normal pattern of breathing every two strokes I feel like I have so much more oxygen. It is pretty neat when you start feeling stronger and going faster.

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