Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last Long Run

Wildflower is less then a week away and today was my last solid long run. We were hit this morning with yet another showcase of natures fury. I woke up this morning to a constant flashing light. I rolled over thinking it was my phone only to discover we had another thunderstorm rolling through. We had strong wind gusts, heavy rain, hail, and a beatiful lighnting show all with in the hour! It was awesome. The weather was not ideal for outside so the wife and I headed to Lifetime Fitness for a 60 minute run on the tready. The work out was was to get my body use to the pace I HOPE to run. It felt pretty good today.

w/p > 10 min
set 1 > 20 min at 10.0mph (6min mile)
set 2 > 25 min at 10.7mph (5:40 min mile)
w/d > 05 min

I will confess something here that I'm a little embarrassed to admit. I was listening to the ipod on the run today and there was a song I listened to that I hate to love.
What is it you ask? See you again by.....Miley Cirus! The ipod is my wife's, not mine just to clarify. I can't get the bloody song out of my head.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say congrats and wish you a great year. Drop me an email sometime.

Bruce Stewart said...

I hope when it comes to the race, whatever the weather, they won't tell the athletes to use the treadmill. I guess I rarely experienced thunder in Kona, but at least we still swam when the sea was rough. I have found a good spot to run not far from my home, and when I get started I will post some pics on my blog. All the best with final training and eating over the remaining few days.