Sunday, March 30, 2008

Almost there baby!

I will be flying to Hawaii on Thursday to kick off my 2008 racing season. I am very excited to be going to back to hawaii to race one of my very first victory's.

Training has been coming along well and I am feeling strong. I had a bit of a shocker on Thursday for my speed work session on the treadmill. Was going after the follwing set again:

x5 (3min @ 11.5mph, 2min @ 11.7mph, 1min @ 12.0) Recover 2 min

I completed the set the previous weekend but died after the second set. Finished up running the last 3 at a solid 5:27 pace. Still a nice leg turnover, but not what I had hoped. I think I have been rather tired and annoyed with all the driving I do going from far north to far south three days a week and battling traffic. My car is my biggest stressor at the moment.

Off to the computrainer for:

20 min w/u
6x1 min at VO2 max
6 min at FTP
2x3 min at VO2
6 min At FTP
Straight to 60 minute run

Congrats to Brandon And Amy Marsh with their great showing at California 70.3. B> Marsh threw down a 1:15 half running himself back into top 10! I think our run set the other week, pushing each over back and forth, played a part! haha

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