Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh....the pain. My goodness!

Today was a important set for me just to make sure i am on the right track for the year and also for the Lavaman triathlon. I was joined by another top Austin Triathlete (Mr. Marsh) for the set and he kept me very honest.

The Set: 6 x 1km with 60 seconds recovery

#1 3:01
#2 3:02
#3 3:05
#4 3:05
#5 3:09
#6 3:09

As you can see i went out too fast on the first and second interval and after that 1 minute rest was just not enough, especially on the last two intervals. The last two hurt so badly and I was hanging on to Marsh. Overall, I am pleased with how the set went as the season is still early and I have some bounce to my step. More strength work and track sessions should build more consistency in my splits with a smaller range in times.

Have the ATC ride again Saturday and I hope to be a little stronger. Enjoy the weekend. Talk again soon.

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