Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Swim tomorrow

I have recruited one of my former race rivals, Peter Hursty, to help me along with my swimming for the year. Peter holds legendary status in the Hawaii triathlon scene. When I came along in the sport I thought (and still do) this guy was the man. He won the Tinman Triathlon many times and still holds the course record. The guy was a machine in the water, killer biker, and would run away from you with ease if you happened to still be around. I just have so much trouble writing up my own workouts because they are so my style. Pete send me a wicked workout for tomorrow that i am very excited about.

4,200 meters! Have some 100 repeats, 400 repeats and 200 repeats. Fun little twists within the workout. Ok, no more computer as I think it is the problem for my lack of sleep.

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