Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hard ride/run

Had a solid ride on the trainer today. Since the races are getting closer, my intervals are getting longer and harder. There are some workouts you look at and just get nervous looking at because you know how much they are going to hurt. Thursday's track workout on the schedule looks like a painful one.
I just finished up with a solid computrainer ride that went very well. My body seems to be adapting to the higher watts. I will need them extremly high as Chris Lieto is racing at Lavaman. Even though I say I need them high, he will be riding in another area code then myself.

Todays Ride/Run:
w/u 15 min
20 minutes in L3 (tempo watts)
5x 30H/30E at L5 (VO2 max)
3x 6 minutes high LT (3 watts below VO2 max to be exact)
3x3 minutes at 5km pace with 2min rec
3x2 minutes at 5km pace with 1min rec

The run has been changed due to a lingering thunderstorm with heavy rains in the vicinty. I took a quick glance at Simon Whitfield's blog and will do the set mentioned in his latest posting at Lifetime Fitness

3x (3min at 11.5mph , 2min at 11.7 and 1min at 12mph)

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