Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have one more week of overload to smash my body, then it will be a full recovery week to recharge and sharpen up for my race in the Land of the long white cloud. It has been a big push and I' glad my body has not fallen apart yet. Thank you Chris.

This week has been a good challenge with a failure that motivated me through the rest of the week. Typical week will be Mon, Wed, Fri, for recovery. Tues is VO2, Thur LT, Sat has a long ride followed by brick run at race pace, Sun is the long run. I hate Tuesday and Thursday with a passion but come Sat and Sun, my race pace feels so easy. Tuesday had me doing reps on the bike at a very high wattage. I nailed the first four intervals and failed on the fifth. This was great motivation for the rest of the week to push hard and stay focused. Yesterday was key session on the bike. 5.5 hrs with 2x60min, 1x45min, 2x15 all at race wattage. I logged about 130 miles on the bike and then ran a 10km in 35 flat. Tim Marr is also over here training and it was nice to have him out on the roads with me yesterday. Today I have a 24 mile run that I'm not too excited about at the moment.

Moment of peace before I feel the pain.

K-Swiss Konejo. Saving my shins from pavement since Jan 09.

Entry to Hell. I run in and out off hell road three times a week. That's right!

Recovery pool. It's cold.


James and Lindsay Cotter said...

Can't wait to join you in 10 days for a recovery run on Hell road. Oh and of course some yummy coffee afterwards! XXOO
The wife

Flatman said...

Those shoes are hot...and that pool is amazing. :)