Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lost in Hawaii

Lost? My wife is back home and I wish I was with her. I wish I could be back there, but it is too cold to be doing all the sessions I need to be doing in order to get ready for IMNZ.

I arrived Saturday and was able to get settled in before training started on Sunday morning. Sunday had me swimming 2km and running 20 miles at race pace. Well, not really, Coach D wants me running slower, but I can't help not going fast. I meet MarkyV in town for coffee and we were hit with a massive storm. Two hours later it was clear skies and I was ready to run.

I will tell you right now, running is horrible here compared to Austin. I miss my endless off road trails on SOFT dirt. The concrete kills your legs. I managed to hold a 6:25 pace for the 22 miles and felt really good. I hope it feels that good on race day:) I know I will be in for a shock come race day.

Off for a hard run and bike.



Anonymous said...

I was proud of my 2 mile run on my treadmill today till I read this :)
ha! I gotta start somewhere right!
Praying for you while your training James.

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

2 miles or 22, as long as you're out there. Be proud of your 2.
Thx for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

$10 bucks and down time?
Barnes and nobles girl!

Books- coffee- soft music... and most importantly, SANITY!

-luv ya lindz.