Thursday, January 1, 2009

OFF DAY? Are you kidding me.

Normally when people tell me they are having an off day in the middle of an important build to an important race, I smile and ask them if I can bring out the tissues! I was shocked to see a off day planned for Friday when I was browsing my schedule earlier this week. It has been a very tough week, and I'm not even done yet! I figured that come Friday I would just do a light bike or run. Plans changed and the wife can bring out the tissues. I was tired, very tired.

I will have logged way too much time on the computrainer. 2+ hours three times this week. I can say I hate the CT just as much as I love it. I love it because I know it is making me stronger. You're in a controlled environment and it is so much easier to nail the exact wattage you need to maintain over every set. No traffic lights, no downhills, no interruptions what so ever. The best part is my wife comes outside every 30 minutes with new icy cold bottles!

I hate it because it is the most boring time you will ever spend on a bike. Yes, I logged 2.5 hrs, but I went nowhere! The highest power setting on the fan cannot cool you down or prevent the bucket loads of sweats from dripping off your head.

So anyway, Friday came and I slept in, got a massage, rand errands, and went on a leisurely hike with the wife and dog at the green belt. Nice! Felt good and much needed! What was even better was the next day (saturday)! My 5 hour ride was strong and my power output was higher than normal. Taking a day to rest and recover is definitely key! Saturday ended with a great anniversary dinner at the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse with the wife. It was the perfect end to a successful day and week!

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