Thursday, October 16, 2008

Portophobia- the fear of what??

So I received this article today from one of our local triathlon newsletters and couldn't help but share. I pretty sure we've all been there!

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! And long-lines at the Port-A-Potty.”

I will be brief on the relief from “portaphobia.” Portaphobia: fear experienced when ones “GI” track requires immediate attention before a sporting event; fear of “one-square” left on the toilet paper roll; visual trauma experienced with long lines in front of a port-a-potty.

So what to do?

Like you plan for your fueling, clothing and pacing, plan for a “nature call.”

First, know the facts.
1. Caffeine increases intestinal muscle contractions. What that means coffee drinkers is the caffeine you are ingesting is best to be taken two-hours prior to your event. Caffeine taken immediately before an event can move things along you might not want moving, if you know what I mean!
2. Carbs can move quickly. I tell all my athletes on the day before a race to eat a normal breakfast; make lunch their largest meal of the day and eat a light dinner 10-12 hours before race time. This may surprise you, I suggest avoiding the Uber Pasta Feast! A little pasta is fine, but too much is not a good idea. Our bodies carry carb and fiber heavy foods through our system (GI track) in approx. 12-hours. Foods with higher percentages of fats can take up to a day and a half!
3. Know YOUR body! History is a good indicator of what to expect. Know your bodys intestinal speed can be as helpful as knowing your pace per mile!

Lastly, as the great John Wooden says, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” So bring some extra toilet paper!

Hope this made you laugh and relate as well!


Anonymous said...

So funny and so true!

Anonymous said...

As the great Ian Donald Arnott once wrote, "If you don't eat--- you don't S#*T, and if you don't S#*T-----You Die! Simple as that!