Monday, October 6, 2008

Hard Knock Life

It is the nature of game, good days and bad days. Unfortunately I did not end the season on the note that I would have liked, however, it has left me with a burning desire I have never felt, to begin preparation for 2009.

This year I was able to meet goals and see glimpses of what I feel I'm capable of in the sport. I have seen my 10km time drop from 36:10 in April to 32:10 last month. I have had some strong rides in Rhode Island and Chicago that boosted my confidence. Cameron Brown was able to spark a desire for some more solo swimming until I begin swimming down the road in a squad. I won some races and had a few top 10s overall in stacked races.

I learned that in the sport of triathlon, it is crucial to have desire, belief, and a strong support crew to keep progressing along because results like my last three races have been very tough for me to swallow. Triathletes ARE the hardest working athletes out there. Seeing stars on the track and wanting to vomit on the trainer are sessions you can question when you falter in a race. I believe I can be a top athlete and my support crew believes it also.

Big Shout out to the following for making this dream possible

I want to thank my beautiful wife for her support and tolerance of me this year. She has been fantastic at my side this year through thick and thin.

My Father and Mother for keeping me honest and being supportive of this new journey of mine.

My In-laws Dallas and Veta for there support.

Derick Williamson at Source Endurance for changing the way I train and getting me on the right track. I owe a lot to you and Source.

Dirk, Cosmo, Bill, and Tim atCATZ and Hyper-wear for being the first to step up to the plate and help me with the expenses of this sport.

Erik Vervloet at K-Swiss for picking me when I was down to my last pair of running shoes. Thank so much for supplying my wife and I with the best product out there. Your crew has been the greatest. Lindsay and i have had such a blast getting to know everyone.

Dallas and Jeff from Phase One who helped out when my wallet became very anorexic.

Brian at Hammer Gel who supplies me with great nutrition to help keep me going.

Chris Lieto at Base for the mysterious X supplement I didn't speak of this summer. Base water was a huge success in keeping me hydrated during the brutal Austin summer.

AJ at advanced rehab for always keeping me in line, physically and mentally!

Ron at Athletic Tune up for working my muscles to death with weekly massages! You saved my hamstrings!

09 watch because I am coming back even stronger!


rr said...

No doubt you'll be back and even stronger in 09, Cotter.

That 10k improvement in a 6 month span is just freaking incredible. Congrats!

Bruce said...

I don't think anyone who has known you in Hawai'i questions your giftedness and abilities, even when competing against the best. The past is past and there are plenty of exciting years ahead for you. Hope you find some good swim partners. Best,

BreeWee said...

ahh bummers, I was thinking about you when I was just DONE and hoping your race was going better than mine. $h!T... hear ya on wanting to finish with a strong one, but yep, now we got hunger for a better 09.

ENJOY married life and working for the sponsora at K-Swiss :)